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The Dangers of Legalism

Bunyan —  March 19, 2014 — Leave a comment



Mr. Worldly Wiseman offered a quick and easy way for Christian to get rid of his burden.   His way was carnal way of Legalism, a way that appeals to the flesh.  He directs poor Christian to Mr. Legality so that he can remove his burden.


Also his burden now seemed heavier to him, than while he was in his way. There came also flashes of fire out of the hill, that made Christian afraid that he should be burned. Here, therefore, he sweat and did quake for fear. And now he began to be sorry that he had taken Mr. Worldly-wiseman’s counsel.  


Christian‘s burden grew heavier as he is overwhelmed with fear.  Outward reformation is never a suitable replacement for faith in Christ.  The Pharisee’s were guilty of focusing on the external while neglecting the heart.  Legalism leads to depression, pride, guilt, anxiety, frustration and despair.  More importantly, it robs God of His glory and deceives man to believe a false standard of spirituality.  It seeks to render useless the passive and active obedience of Christ! Gal. 2:21, 1:6-8).  Legalism is not the way of salvation!  Rom. 3:20 because by the works  of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin.  You must look to the finished Work of Christ alone for salvation!  John 14:6  Jesus  said to him, “I am  the way, and  the truth, and  the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.  Repent of any Legalism in your life and look to the risen Savior!


Alexander Whyte  

“Watch yourselves well, for you all have a large piece of this worldly-wise man in yourselves…. It is a sure sign to you that you do not yet know the plague of your own heart, unless you know yourself to be a man more set upon the position and praise that come from God only.  Set a watch on your own worldly heart.  Watch and pray, lest you also enter into all Worldly-wise mans temptation”